Protecting Michigan Families from Coronavirus


For so many people, this is an incredibly uncertain and difficult time. The challenges the Coronavirus pandemic has brought are unprecedented, and we will have to work especially hard in the weeks ahead to fight this virus and the health and economic concerns it brings.

Michigan has been home to my family for five generations, and I’ve lived here my whole life. In difficult moments like this, I often think of how resilient the people of our state are — it’s just in our DNA. We’ve seen tough days before, and we will rise to meet this challenge and face it as we always have during times of turmoil: together.

And here is my promise to you: I will always stand up for Michigan. My number one priority is to keep you and your family safe, and I will never waver in my commitment to fighting for financial aid for working families, equipment to protect our doctors and nurses on the front lines and, now more than ever, working to expand access to affordable health care.

Stay safe. Stay strong. We will get through this together.

– Gary

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