Protecting Public Schools and Education

Gary and his family are proud products of Michigan’s public schools. Through his father, a public school English teacher, Gary saw firsthand the importance of having access to quality education. That’s why he’s advocated for better education opportunities for all Michiganders, from pushing to make higher education more affordable to expanding access to technical, vocational and apprenticeship programs. Gary has prioritized fighting so everyone — no matter where they live — can have access to affordable education.

In addition, Gary has stood up to special interests that have tried to gut funding for public education. From the beginning, he opposed the nomination and confirmation of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and has fought against her attempts to cut funding for Michigan’s public schools, including critical after school programs.

Gary is pushing to expand funding opportunities for technical and vocational education programs for Michigan high school students to help them realize their full potential and have the skills they need on the job. He’s passed legislation to lessen the burden of student loans and promote diversity in STEM fields, and he’s helped to secure a record amount of funding for Pell Grants to make higher education more affordable for all students, regardless of zip code.